Personalized jewelry

In our studio, located on the Diamond Exchange, we design diamond jewelry, in all sizes, shapes and cuts, individually tailored to each client while providing personal guidance with our team of experts. There are also our classic designs that can be seen in the photos below - even though it's just a small peek.

What do you need to know?

We work mainly with a round shape, but additional shapes can be obtained upon request and preparation in advance.

Starting from 0.09 mm of dot halves, up to 2 carats per diamond.

A difference between the two can only be discerned by examination by professional equipment in clumsy laboratories. A human eye cannot discern.

A diamond made of 99.5 carbon and a laboratory diamond made of 99.5 carbon –
In terms of visibility, cleanliness, hardness, sparkle and cutting the visibility here is the same as well as the virtues.
A lab diamond retains its visibility and values, just like a natural diamond.

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