Our Story

The YATKOVSKI Company is a well-established company specializing in diamonds for over 40 years and situated in the heart of the Tel Aviv Diamond Exchange. We, the company owners, are second generation diamond dealers. We have decided to harness our accumulated expertise, experience and professionalism to conquer new horizons and enter the innovative green industry, including the manufacture of diamonds under laboratory conditions. That is why, starting in 2016, we offer our regular and new customers a breathtakingly beautiful, high quality and perfectly finished diamond collection – bringing the products of the controlled laboratory process to your home.

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A green and innovative solution

Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, the world is hurtling forwards, and new industrial and manufacturing horizons are being conquered. It is no wonder that the diamond industry is also slowly being transformed. Yet alongside these changes, many people are struck by the urge to return to the source, to the natural, to the green solution that is connected to Mother Nature. But who says you can’t have it both ways? Selecting a laboratory diamond is to select quality controlled under meticulously controlled conditions leading to the perfect product – a shining, polished diamond of the highest quality, created without any harm to the natural environment.

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