What are laboratory diamonds?

Instead of waiting thousands of years, investing a fortune, and dreaming at night of someday acquiring a mined diamond – laboratory diamonds precisely replicate the field conditions under which the mineral developed, and do so with great success. Are you curios to know how the magic occurs? We offer you a glimpse of the manufacturing process of laboratory diamonds – the incredibly controlled and precise process in which an artificial diamond, almost completely identical to the traditional diamond mined from the bowls of the earth, is formed.

Let’s get started: turn up the heat, turn up the pressure!
If you happen to visit diamond mines around the world you will soon realize that Diamonds are formed under extremely high temperature conditions and even higher pressures. Since our final aim is to manufacture a diamond that is identical in every parameter to the natural diamond, we will seek to ‘imitate’ the natural process under the controlled laboratory conditions.

How do we do this? We work with lumps containing metals and carbon under conditions which are as close as possible to those which exist deep in the bowls of the earth – high pressure, and high temperature. We do this while meticulously observing sterility in order to keep factors which might influence the final product out of the process.

What do we gain by this procedure? We can closely and precisely monitor the laboratory conditions, so that the entire manufacturing process lasts no more than a few weeks. In contrast, the time require for nature to manufacture a natural diamond might last thousands of years.

Melting point: when carbon and metal meet
The incredible pressures and temperatures lead the metal to melt and break up the impure carbon. Now we have pure carbon particles and the path to the perfect diamond is considerably shortened. This method, it is important to note, has been around for decades. However, only the industrial sector has employed it until recent years. Since the method was developed considerable water has passed in the sparkling river. As the demand for the production of diamonds at lower prices, swifter processes and greener, more environmentally friendly manufacturing procedures has grown, so have the laboratory diamonds penetrated the private sector – and took it by storm.

Design: cutting and polishing
Our raw diamond is now ready, and it is time to move on to the cutting and polishing work. This work requires infinite gentleness and precision, for it is essentially identical to the cutting and polishing of mined diamonds. We will bring out the optimal color, clarity, purity and form. The result: a diamond of stunning beauty, size, and objective qualities.

Hallmark: a gemological certificate
Our perfect diamond is ready to be set in the jewelry of your choice, but not before we equip it with a gemological certificate, as sort of identification document in which the qualities of the diamond are detailed. Did you think you would only receive such a certificate if you purchase a mined diamond? Certainly not. This certificate, just as in that provided upon the purchase of natural diamonds, the qualities of the diamond such as size, weight, purity and clarity levels and so on will be detailed.

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